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The main platform, Where Americans are Welcome, lists the Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers and other wealth management-related service providers such as lawyers, tax advisers, trust advisers, trusted advisers and more, happy to serve American clients in the US and abroad. The services on Where Americans are Welcome are also available to American expats living in Switzerland.

There are however, services that are not relevant or not available to US-domiciled Americans.

Bank accounts and mortgages for Americans residing in Switzerland, non-SEC-registered financial advisers, insurance, expat tax advisers, business development hubs corporate services and relocation services for American expats or expats-to-be or companies can be found here on this add-on platform, Where Americans are Welcome - Expats.

Where Americans are Welcome - Expats is a "business-only"-oriented platform (Not a community website, e.g. no expat dating service, or "where to buy a dog", "how to find a babysitter", or "where to eat" etc. Please see Community for a list of those kind of websites). It does not collect and sell names and addresses, does not host Google ads, is completely independent and unbiased without conflicts of interest (no sponsors or business partners with influence on the content) and does not engage in any commission-based agreements with any service providers.

Mirelis Advisors S.A.

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Naturally, Where Americans are Welcome - Expats greatly appreciates your comments, suggestions and critique as we grow and expand. If there is a topic you would like to know more about, please let us know over our contact form or by email. Your comments and questions are always welcome!

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